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Cause 1: Aging & Hearing Loss. If you are getting older, you may not want to hear this but after about age 60 or so you may be experiencing age related hearing loss which can also relate to tinnitus. As the hearing loss becomes more pronounced it begins to affect ones ability to understand much of the spoken English language that occurs in the range of frequencies in which the hearing loss occurs.

Cause 2: Excessive Wax in the Ear. Ear wax does serve its purpose. It acts as a barrier and protects the inner ear from moisture, infection, insects and dust. But if the earwax becomes excessive and hardened and compacted in the ear, then it can also be a potential cause of tinnitus.

Cause 3: Loud Noise Exposure. Of course most people are aware that loud noises are going to be bad for their hearing, hence the use of ear plugs, ear muffs and the like. But unfortunately many people ignore wearing these or wait until damage has been done before resorting to their use. Prolonged exposure to loud noise will have consequences, in particular hearing loss, but even in the development of tinnitus. Even a single time loud noise could have such consequences and be a factor in tinnitus. Have a medical professional check your hearing on a regular basis as well.

Cause 4: Disease and Infection. Another possible cause of tinnitus is a disease called Miniere’s Disease. Miniere’s can also result in a loss of hearing and dizziness, so if these symptoms are present, a medical professional should be consulted. Tinnitus could also be caused by an ear or sinus infection.

Cause 5: Head Injury. Injuries to the head or surgery of the head, dental surgery, etc. can be a cause of tinnitus. Athletes that have had head injuries are more prone to have tinnitus as well. Take proper care to protect yourself with the appropriate head gear or helmet.

Cause 6: Other Medical Conditions. There is a rather lengthy list of other disorders that could contribute to a person having tinnitus. One that is often considered on this list is high blood pressure. Others commonly mentioned include food allergies and depression. And still others could include: meningitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a thyroid condition.

Cause 7: Diet. I’ll just touch on the basics here, but much discussion has centered on the effect of diet on tinnitus. Since high blood pressure is a potential cause, we must list too much salt as a potential contributor to tinnitus. Also on the list are other items generally considered bad in excess, including sugar, caffeine, cocoa, alcohol and saturated fats. And not surprising, smoking is considered a contributor to tinnitus as well.

Cause 8: Drugs and Medications. Another potential cause of tinnitus involves the use of drugs and medications, both over the counter and prescription, by themselves or perhaps in a combination that is causing the tinnitus problem. Some of the more common medications that are suspected links to tinnitus include antidepressants, antibiotics, aspirin and ibuprofen. The list is much longer than this though. At a symposium for tinnitus it was reported that more than 100 drugs may have some relation to loss of hearing or tinnitus.

Source by Derek Warren

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