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If you feel that the ringing or noise in the ear is just a mild side effect of some drug that you have taken; you could be wrong. The ringing sound or noise, which may seem very low in the beginning, can become irritating in the days to come.

Some of the most obvious symptoms of this condition are irritation and mood changes. Imagine that you are in the middle of a romantic dinner and you hear a buzzing sound in your ear. Your spouse is trying to tell you something with a smile and you frown back. Most people don’t realize that tinnitus has several side effects that may be psychological as well as physiological.

Let’s take another example of an office worker working on a presentation. The office worker takes a lot of effort to make that presentation and when he delivers it, he gets a ringing sound in his ears. What do you think happens during the presentation? Possibly the presentation will not go over well and the professional life of that person can become halted.

The medical condition of tinnitus may not control your life, but it definitely makes you very uncomfortable. Precious moments come and go, and if you are suffering from tinnitus, you will always be in doubt whether they will remain precious or not.

The long term effects of tinnitus have a negative impact on all the fronts-psychological, physiological, professional, sociological, personal and so on. Life will never be normal when tinnitus is left untreated. You will have to make sure that you treat this condition as soon as possible. Identify the main problem or problems that actually trigger tinnitus and then opt for the best cure.

If your doctor has prescribed few long term medications for tinnitus, you will have to check the risk and benefits of the medications. For the risk and benefit analysis, you will have to list down the risks involved in taking the long term medications in one column and in the adjacent column, you will have to check out the benefits of the same medications.

Although tinnitus is not a dangerous or life-threatening disease, there are instances where this medical condition is followed by hearing loss. The loss of hearing can be partial or complete depending upon the severity of tinnitus. The doctor must be contacted immediately if you think your hearing problem may be associated with tinnitus.

Having a well-balanced diet will also have a profound effect toward the prevention tinnitus. Ensure that you know all the side effects and long term effects of Tinnitus if you are suffering form this ringing menace.

Source by Albertin Abelmont

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