Given a choice, would you prefer to wear an obvious hearing aid or an invisible hearing aid?

For most people the answer is clear. The truth is that hearing aids are still shaking off a tired, old negative social stigma.  But for many people they are an important part of everyday life and are becoming increasingly socially accepted.  Would we have thought, not too long ago, that glasses would achieve the fashion status they now have? Today’s hearing instrument manufacturers are winning design awards and changing popular opinion. Sophisticated technology is now smaller, more comfortable, more impressive and better value than ever before.  With smart noise reduction, speech enhancement and multi-microphone strategies, real advantages in background noise are just the beginning.

Leading European manufacturers leap-frog each other regularly as they strive to be the smallest and most sophisticated on the market. Recently, a prestigious American company has stepped into the spotlight with their latest innovation, called OtoLens.  This hearing aid is packed with state-of-the-art features and is small enough to comfortably nestle further into the ear canal making it truly invisible.  Although not for everyone, this is just one example of how technology is meeting consumer demand for discreet and smart hearing instruments.  When coupled with professional care and hearing training this may just be a perfect total hearing-care solution.

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