Ever been mesmerized by a piece of music? Ever fallen into a peaceful trance from the sound of a train on tracks?  Ever heard the break in someone’s voice and felt his or her anguish?  Ever had goose-bumps listening to the inspirational words of a stranger?

Our hearing completes and makes whole our world – it connects us to the energy of life.  Its elegant form and exquisite function is undeniable.  But as a natural part of everyday living, this complex, intricate system of interdependent mechanisms is often taken for granted.  That is until our hearing is compromised and we become aware of a distance or an invisible barrier between us and what is happening around us.

Hearing loss is usually a gradual process, commonly due to ‘wear n tear’, and often goes unnoticed for years.  Once recognized, however, it still takes on average 6-10 years for someone to seek help for his or her hearing. Why?

According to a respected US non-profit hearing research institute, there are 4 main reasons; the negative social stigma associated with hearing aids, lack of perceived benefit from hearing aids, lack of perceived satisfaction and lack of perceived value. At Metro Hearing Clinic we are doing something about it.  We are doing a lot about it.

We give you what you want:

  • You’ll be informed about all of your options
  • With straight-talking advice
  • Unbiased (i.e. Independent) professional consultation & information
  • Convenient access to a range of quality technology options and professional support
  • You’ll understand how to optimize your hearing, with or without hearing aids
  • Transparent pricing – we do not hide or bundle our pricing
  • Great value expertise and state-of-the-art technology
  • And ultimately, we’ll help you remove hearing-related lifestyle limits.

Hear with us. Call 905.273.7717

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