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Millions of sufferers worldwide are looking to get rid of tinnitus. Like them you have probably tried some of the normal mainstream treatments. And like them you are probably still waiting to get rid of your tinnitus. Unfortunately, some 93% of tinnitus sufferers never manage to get rid of tinnitus. At best, a minority may get some reduction in the sounds, but in many cases, this does not last. Find out why here.

When trying to get rid of tinnitus, the major problem being faced is that tinnitus is not strictly a medical condition: it is more of a symptom of an underlying condition which causes the sounds of tinnitus. In other words the ringing in your ears are actually the symptoms of that underlying problem(s).

The causes are things like menier’s disease, inner ear damage / infection, auditory nerve damage, blocked eustachian tube, otosclerosis, head trauma / whiplash, tension and stress, high blood pressure, allergies, drugs such as aspirin and antibiotics, and hearing damaged by loud noises.

To try to get rid of tinnitus, your mainstream treatment using approaches such as drugs, products like hearing aids and audio maskers, psychotherapy and counselling. But these tend to be focussed on either ‘masking’ the sounds of tinnitus, or, helping you to come to terms with your affliction and coping with it. Of course there is surgery, but this is very rarely used and only as a last resort, and still not guaranteed.

Alternative treatments like hypnosis, medication and yoga etc., have their fans, but here again they may not be addressing the underlying condition(s) causing the tinnitus.

There are many totally natural remedies now being used that more closely target these underlying causes. For instance many folks take Ginkgo Biloba or burdock root and other herbal remedies. Many sufferers who are found to be deficient in zinc take natural zinc supplements, because our western diet is generally deficient in zinc.

And there are other underlying problems like high blood pressure that can be resolved through dietary improvements and exercise. Stress is another issue that can be tackled quite successfully with exercise and some effective stress-reduction techniques.

But it is very difficult to get rid of tinnitus. So you need to try as many of these natural remedies and special techniques as possible, in order to find the ones that work for you.

Source by John Cielo

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