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For all those who have become accustomed to reading our articles related to the topic of hearing we have good news, these articles will keep appearing in the Pulse newspaper. Today however we begin a new series of articles more thematically related problems that slowly begin to dominate in the life of baby boomers as well as slightly older people. Undertaking this issue requires, not only an enormous amount of experience that we have gained over the years, but also the knowledge that we have in many fields regarding these issues. Issues which start appearing at a higher rate during our older years, we have the utmost confidence that we are able to help you deal with these problems, as long as you have the want, desire and dedication to want finally help yourself get better.

Dear readers, in writing about ‘helping yourself get better’ we are not talking about getting rid of those close around us like friends or family, or other people in our circles of life. Taking care of oneself is a massive undertaking regarding the many serious and important aspects that contribute to making our life special and unique, this should result in a change of attitude to oneself, our health, our financial matters and most importantly our future. This is unfortunately what we are least likely to think about – our future, whether it’s due to our chaotic lives, schedules, work or family obligations. We are caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life, instead we need to set our priorities straight and focus on where we are going and how we are getting there, with our health and finances in mind. Most of us don’t devote enough attention to thinking about what is going to happen in 5, 10 years, we need to set our priorities in the right order and straighten our lives up so that we do have a bright and positive future, not one riddled with medical problems and financial ruin.

Many wise books on psychology, like those found in the ‘self help’ section in bookstores urge us to learn to live in the present. This is related to a well known phenomena known as ‘anchor in the past’. Very rarely however we can meet those living in the future, a phenomenon that becomes increasingly noticeable in turn to escape the present. It is much easier to live the day dealing with the routine of daily activities and seek solace in the illusory comfort of lack of time for serious reflection then to think about the future

Unfortunately it resembles a car driving down a winding road from which someone has removed all the signs and even the billboards. While we are moving forward (without having any other choice) and not even knowing where this road will take us, a lot of people do not even want to know. Most of us look at our health as a constant, stable and solid, we never imagine the moment when our health might fail us and we might have to rely on somebody for help, whether it is physical or psychological. It’s true that recently there has been a big trend towards having a slim and healthy figure, but how many really do it based on a solid foundation of knowledge resulting from the changes taking place in our bodies. How many people take the advice of a nutritionist that offers us an optimal diet plan for our specific gender and age? Proper nutrition ensures not only a fit, healthy body but is also a preventive measure against such problems as osteoporosis and muscle loss in the later stages of life. Entering a certain age, we become more and more surprised by rising health problems as well as a decrease in energy levels, not to mention changes in our psyche and ability to do certain physical activities. Most of us think the solution is to go to a health food store and buy vitamins, minerals and other dietary aids in an effort to offset declining health and aging. But we have to also wonder how many people are doing this blindly without any real research or testing, without the opinion of a doctor or naturopathic doctor, and what possible damage it might cause to their bodies or what interactions it might have with legitimately prescribed medications which they are taking.

We are writing about these changes to raise awareness about the importance of regular testing and preventative maintenance in regards to matters such as vision and hearing. At this age the measures we take now will determine how we live the rest of our lives, whether we are healthy and happy or sick and miserable, they will determine the comfort of living which we strive to preserve and maintain. A phenomenon that is becoming more and more noticeable is increasingly marking the divergence between the level of health of the previous generation in the same age group as the ‘baby boomers’ who despite the obsessive attention to their figure and massive intake of supplements are generally in much worse health then previous generations. In an era of alienation of individual subjects the problem of loss of mental function becomes increasingly challenging for health care. This problem becomes more and more evident in our work, where using different therapeutic techniques we are actively trying to restore the ability to have active independent lives to our patients. The use of auditory stimuli is indeed a brilliant idea, and one of the best ways to stimulate our brain into reacting and ‘waking up’ therefore it is a wise suggestion to get your hearing checked, in case there is a need to stimulate activity in the brain (using proper stimulation techniques) so that you may be mentally sharp and agile for many years to come. The effects of such activities will correspond to the first conscious choice of the next stretch of the road through our lives.

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