Did you know that “how long will tinnitus last?” or “how long does tinnitus last?” or “how long can tinnitus last?” are three of the most frequently asked questions by tinnitus sufferers? Well now you do.

Before we dive into the question let me give you a little background on tinnitus and my experience with it.

Back in the day I used to just love the night outs. Going to the club was like going to work – it just had to be done.

One day, after I went to one of those big concerts filled with people and loud music, I came back home and I had this ringing inside my ears. Just like most tinnitus sufferers I simply tried to ignore it.

Besides it happened to me before when I was listening to loud music in my headphones and it went away so…

Unfortunately, this time it stayed. And I was forced to face tinnitus just like you have to face it now.

We both know that tinnitus is basically the name we give to the condition of having a “ringing ear” which is wrong since for some people it’s more like a pulsing or clicking sound.

In order to determine, how long can tinnitus last, we need to look at the different causes of tinnitus.

There are many causes, all the way from high blood pressure to ear wax but all you really need to know is that there are temporary tinnitus and permanent tinnitus.

For example if you like me have experienced tinnitus while listening to loud music then, for now, it’s only temporary but if you keep on pushing it will become permanent.

I did not have anyone to tell me that so it became permanent for me.

At the end of the day it does not even really matter if you have temporary or permanent tinnitus because if it’s temporary it’s probably going to become permanent eventually so you might as well deal with the problem now.

In order to do this you have to select the right treatment. To answer the question “how long will tinnitus last” is the same thing as answering the question “will it rain tomorrow?”

Let me explain. If I am with a friend and he asks me “will it rain tomorrow?” I am going to give him a random answer because I don’t really know because I don’t have enough information about the weather.

Same thing goes for you since I don’t have enough information about you I can’t exactly point out how long tinnitus will last, however, If I had more details I could.

Your best option is really to find a treatment that does not treat just one tinnitus cause but aims to finding out your particular condition and then treat it.

Source by Brian Mercola

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