Do you think you have Cochlear Damage Tinnitus? When you have been exposed to loud noises, or have perhaps suffered a blow to the head, inner ear cochlear damage often occurs. Cochlea damage causes high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. This article will help you understand Cochlear Damage Tinnitus and the various natural treatments for the ringing in your ears.

Let’s look try to understand what Cochlear damage is and how it can lead to tinnitus.

In order to fully comprehend what actually happens when you start to experience tinnitus from cochlear damage it is helpful to have a little knowledge of the workings of the inner ear and the cochlea.

Cochlea damage – what is it?

There are thousands of minute hair cells in the cochlea that are stimulated by the pressure of sound waves. The stimulation causes movement of the tiny hairs, which is similar to a wheat field moving in time to the wind blowing. When a sound is detected in the inner ear, these tiny auditory hairs move, electrical impulses are discharged through the auditory nerve which the brain interprets as sound.

These tiny hair cells and the tiny auditory nerves are extremely delicate and are easily damaged if you are exposed to a sudden loud noise or you have been exposed to loud noises over an extended period of time.

What else can cause cochlea damage?

Cochlea damage leading to tinnitus can often result from procedures such as:

  • Ear wax removals
  • Ear candling
  • Swimming accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Dental surgery
  • Head surgery
  • Ear or nasal passage surgery
  • Middle ear infections and fevers
  • Inner ear infections and problems

How do the tinnitus remedies work?

The remedies are really not a magic potion which can bring back your hearing and cure your tinnitus overnight. They are homeopathic preparations that are designed to heal your body from within. These cochlear damage tinnitus remedies are a unique blend of natural homeopathic ingredients formulated to heal the damage that has occurred in the sensitive inner ear organs.

Source by Ken Thackman

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