Tinnitus Overview

We are proud to provide our patients with a successful: Tinnitus, Hyperacusis And Misophonia Treatment conducted accordingly to the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation, First Clinical Practice Guideline on Tinnitus and is also recommended by The College of Family Physicians of Canada. We are proud to have on our staff professional members of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association as well as American Tinnitus Association.


Our clinic is recognized as a provider of the tinnitus treatment by WSIB (Workers Compensation Board) and ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). ODSP and WSIB may cover 100% of the treatment cost. Also, we are registered and licensed by HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance) and Financial Services Commission of Ontario provider of tinnitus treatments as well as hearing aids to the people who are victims or injured in car accidents in Ontario. Cost of the treatments may be fully covered by the insurance companies. We are conducting and performing tinnitus treatments with the family physician’s approval after no other medical issues which would prevent successful treatment are present or relevant. A referral from your family doctor is not necessary. Treatment is based on a series of visits with the initial assessments, treatment initiation and follow up / therapy sessions. Assessment includes: specialized auditory system assessment, tinnitus oriented questionnaires and testing conducted based on patients individual situation. Anxiety and stress level assessments are included as well as and providing every tested individual with all available options including different level and complexity treatments and set of basic instructions and advise. Tested individuals are not obligated in any way to use any of the recommended treatments or any other options including specialized devices or advice.

*TREATMENT IS BASED ON, COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY AND OTHER THERAPIES PROVIDED IN INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS, BRAIN CONDITIONING PROTOCOLS, TINNITUS RETRAINING THERAPY and/or ear level instruments which may include a combination devices or noise generators as well as specialized insomnia and auditory system stimulation devices. Only individual counseling sessions are provided. Cost of the ear level instruments may be covered partially by OHIP (ADP) and some private insurance plans as well as work benefits, ODSP, WSIB, and Ontario Works. Veterans are provided full coverage of the cost of instruments and treatments.

None of the treatments includes or is based on masking or any type of the sound therapy designed to provide patients with a temporary relief. Please notice some types of tinnitus is known to get worse after exposure to sounds, because of the low sound tolerance component and usage of hearing aids or maskers can make tinnitus sufferers with the rapid condition symptoms worsening. Patients who suffers from tinnitus and hyperacusis should never be fitted with any hearing aids / maskers as any exposure to elevated levels of sound / noise cam make their condition much worse.