Many doctors will say to their tinnitus patients – your tinnitus is incurable, all you can do is manage it. This is totally wrong and I will tell you why in this article.

The Status Quo

Medical science cannot even offer a drug yet. This will shortly become clear.

All that it can offer is “tinnitus retraining therapy”. This is basically a way of getting used to the tinnitus and trying to mentally block it away. This way, your tinnitus symptoms will not decrease or go away whatsoever – does this sound like a great cure to you?

The Key To Curing Tinnitus

Every person who has tinnitus has some degree of hearing loss. But not everyone who has hearing loss will go on to develop tinnitus. Why is this?

The difference between those with tinnitus and those without is not genetics, it’s lifestyle.


I don’t mean here that if you eat, smoke and drink too much that you will get tinnitus. No, it is much more subtle than that.

What I mean is that there are very small factors that each add up and can give you tinnitus. For example, you might eat a little too much of the wrong vegetables because they contain a tinnitus causing chemical.

Or there might be some other activity in your life that seems totally inocuous but is actually making your tinnitus much, much worse. You would never guess it unless it was pointed out to you first.


By making tiny changes to your lifestyle, you can reduce your symptoms bit by bit until your tinnitus disappears. At this final stage, you are like all the other people who still have some hearing loss (this is not recoverable of course) but who do not have symptoms of tinnitus.

Source by Chris J. Scott

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