Are you having buzzing or other sounds in your ear more or less constantly? The condition is Tinnitus and it’s debilitating. When I first started having ringing in my ears I thought their must be a cure.

Before I share with you what I’ve done to minimize my Tinnitus, let’s look at the latest research with stem cells.

I found there were many things I could do that worked for others but found none of them really helped. The latest hope is stem cell research. The question is can stem cell research cure tinnitus?

The research, hopefully, will result in a new cure for tinnitus. Stem cells would be taken from embryos and changed to different types of cells. The idea is that cells from nerves could be grown in the ear.

Tinnitus or T is often linked to damage done to the ear. It could have been exposure to loud sounds, a blow or other causes. I’m a musician and I think it’s due to standing next to the drummer for hours and being regularly deafened by the sound of the cymbals.

Researchers are looking into ways of regrowing the hair cells in the ear as a cure for T. Currently there is no way to regrow these cells but the hope is that stem cells can cause these cells to regenerate and these would replace the damaged cells.

Today the results of stem cell testing are exciting but it may take 10 years before the treatment is available. So what can Tinnitus sufferers do in the meantime?

There are many folk remedies and even surgery is a possibility. The problem is that some people have had some good results with various remedies and for others nothing seems to work.

My main problem was not sleeping because of a constant buzzing. It wasn’t a huge problem during the day but kept me from getting a full night’s sleep. Ear plugs sometimes helped if I slept in certain positions. Other times nothing worked.

I read everything I could get my hands on about possible remedies including dietary changes, exercise and even considered ramming my head into the wall a few times.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your bed in the middle of a really busy airport runway? I guarantee you wouldn’t be sleeping much. Tinnitus symptoms are said to be made worse by lack of sleep. It’s not a pretty scenario.

I finally found a combination of herbal and holistic remedies which is working for me. I can’t say I’m cured yet but it’s so much better. I even have 3 or 4 nights a week where the T doesn’t visit me anymore.

Source by Robin Newsome

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