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Michelle Castro

A year ago today...

I had no idea what my life would look like one year later. A year ago today I was lost and confused, sad and mad and I felt alone as no one could understand what it was that I was “going through”.. I had almost lost my sense of hope and faith that I could ever be helped as the medical community had no answers for me but rather pills that can “ease my nerves”.  A year ago I had to come to terms with the fact that I may never be the “same girl” I was before. A year ago today I learned what it felt like to lose simple things such as the ability to be around people and their voices... click to read more
Liz P.

Thank You very much...

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for individuals and for our community. I have been a client of Metro Hearing for two years and have been delighted with the service that I receive from them. I am very pleased with Alice's work as an audiologist and I feel that she is excellent at determining my needs and is very accommodating when I need an adjustment."
Jorge H.

I'm impressed...

"Janusz and his staff have always gone above and beyond what is asked to help me with any of my hearing needs. They've been there every step of the way and are always willing to squeeze me in on short notice – something I've never been able to find from other clinics."
Colin J. Smith

The best audiology experts...

"The service that I received was truly unique. For years, I struggled to hear my family at restaurants and other noisy gatherings. Alice and Janusz worked diligently to find the most suitable technology for my hearing loss and, by listening to my needs; they were able to optimize the settings in my hearing instruments to meet my listening demands in any environment. I could have purchased these hearing aids anywhere, but the service that I received was truly unique."
Image1John M.

I can hear better. Now I know.

"I have been wearing hearing aids for the past several months and the digital one I got is definitely the best for one-on-one conversations. Music is very clear and the phone is great. It appears that the technology has made a big progress, but I would not know that without Janusz and Alice. They have educated me, helped me to understand the differences... and most importantly, provided me with the right solution. Thanks Guys. You are the BEST!"
Image 4Tadeusz B.

A miracle in Mississauga...

"It felt like was born again... I couldn't belive my own ears. I started to actually understand what people were saying to me. Till that moment I did not know I had a hearing problem... I truly recommend this clinic to anybody. They are the TRUE professionals."
Image 2Jonathan K.

You have changed my life...

"Thank you for your advice on getting the digital hearing aids. Now I am a full member of a society. I hear 100% better and can hear my sons and grandsons on the telephone as if they were in my living room…"
Image2Katarzyna D.

I'm grateful to Metro!

"I could write pages about how completely surprised and happy I am with my hearing aids, but I would only be repeating myself. I am now hearing sounds that I have not heard since I can’t remember when..."
Timo J.

Incredible... Thanks!

"Incredible service and professionalism! I have struggled with the hearing in my left ear for my entire life and have been through seven painful surgeries, but I still suffer from severe hearing loss in that ear. Alice patiently guided me through all of the latest options which were available for me, giving me the chance to try different alternatives, and he was even able to find the funding for my bone-anchored hearing aid so I didn't have to pay anything. Incredible service and professionalism!"