If appropriate, hearing aids are one part of a total hearing care solution.

The other and fundamental part of the equation is your understanding of how hearing loss impacts you, those close to you and your everyday activities and how to effectively manage those.  We call this hearing training.  Hearing technology and hearing training are complementary and when both are tailored to suit you, your lifestyle, needs and preferences, the combination can deliver real quality of life improvements. What do we mean by “quality of life”?  We mean lifestyle choice. When good hearing is restored, our clients report a greater confidence in their hearing and a subsequent expansion of lifestyle choices.  For example, you might normally avoid certain social functions because it requires a lot of effort to listen, but having better and more confident hearing means you feel less restricted.  You may not go out any more often, but if you do, it doesn’t require the same effort. Life is just easier.

This is why our focus is on you. Hearing aids are optimized when they are tailored specifically for you and you work with a professional who cares to spend the time required to help you develop effective ways to manage your personal and listening needs. In our experience, no matter what your budget, tailored hearing solutions designed just for you and with you, open up a world of lifestyle choices.

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