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Tinnitus is a crippling disease that causes ringing in the ears. The ringing can get loud and can be extremely painful to deal with. Of course if you are suffering through it you don’t need me to tell you that. An official Tinnitus Cure is yet to be found but there are a lot of expensive experimental procedures these days, which are almost always not covered by you health insurance. But the good news is there are also natural home remedies that have proven themselves to be extremely effective.

Olive Oil – Applying heated olive oil on your ears give you quick relief. And if you have been suffering from tinnitus you need the relief more than anything.

Diet – Try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. This helps your ears in terms of blood circulation and also keeps your body fresh overall.

Pineapple – Eating Pineapple will help minimize the inflammation cased by tinnitus. Pineapple also helps in washing out toxins from your body.

These are a few natural alternatives you could take. Although these are proven methods to help cure tinnitus these are not quick. You need to be patient, you will see results if you continue to follow the tips. But when it comes down to it, its mind over matter. You need to believe you can fight this terrible illness, and you need to have an attitude of a warrior at all times. Do not let this illness effect your social life even once, because a vicious cycle starts from there which takes over your whole life.

Source by Joe Bach

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