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Tinnitus hearing loss is the primary cause of this condition with symptoms of ringing in the ears. But is there any way to reverse it or otherwise successfully treat tinnitus? In this article, I’ll explain to you why the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”.

The Real Cause Of Tinnitus

You may have heard that some hearing loss is necessary for tinnitus to happen. This is absolutely right but it is far from the whole picture.

Hearing loss from excessive, continuous volume is necessary in all tinnitus. But hearing loss alone will not give you tinnitus symptoms.

This is why not every person who gets hearing loss will get tinnitus. To get tinnitus and the familiar ringing in the ear symptoms you need a bunch of other co-factors.

But first let’s look at the hearing loss.

Is It Reversible?

OK, you know that hearing loss and additional co-factors can give you tinnitus. So surely the best way to defeat tinnitus once and for all is to reverse the damage done?

The problem is that this is impossible. The hair cells in your ear are like blades of grass. If they are subjected to too much force, they cannot stand upright again no matter what you do.

So we are left with the co-factors.


The good news is that the co-factors are easily controllable. These co-factors are basically the result of a person’s lifestyle. For example, one important co-factor is what you eat. There are specific foods that will cause you to have tinnitus if you do not avoid them.

Ultimately, you have to look at each co-factor in turn and via a process of elimination you can finally defeat your tinnitus.

Source by Chris J. Scott

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