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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) is one of the newer therapies used for treating tinnitus today. Until recently it was not widely known, nor was it accepted as a legitimate remedy. Success rates with TRT have recently attracted positive attention in the media, and TRT is gaining acceptance as a mainstream treatment for tinnitus.

From where did the concept of TRT originate?

Renowned neuroscientist Pawel Jastreboff created TRT, sometimes called habituation or white noise therapy, in the 1980’s. The concept is simple. When there is neither medical nor lifestyle-oriented evidence to explain the cause of a patient’s tinnitus, Jastreboff believed that the brain could be retrained to stop hearing the noise. By slowly using sound therapy the brain is forced to stop hearing the noises of tinnitus. Although it takes some time, TRT has been reported to work in more than 80% of patients, either completely relieving the tinnitus, or at least lowering the noise patients hear.

Top therapies that can help you:

  •  TRT Therapy: Most neuroscientists agree with Dr. Jastreboff, and believe that tinnitus occurs in the area of the brain where memory and stress meet, which may be the reasons why our emotions are linked to memory – including the memory of sound. TRT helps break the continuous loop so you stop hearing the sounds. These specialists may be referred by one of the tinnitus resources, such as the American Tinnitus Association.
  •  Alternative Therapies: Holistic practitioners today offer other similar forms of therapy such as hypnotherapy and regression therapy. Like TRT, these therapies address the link between emotion and hearing, and the goal is to uncover any trauma that may have caused the link between a sound or set of sounds, and emotion stored in the brain. Both hypnotherapy and regression therapy are great approaches because they get to the emotional link or root to the sound loop in your brain. Sometime these therapies can offer relief quickly, as well. If you don’t’ know a therapist that is trained to help with tinnitus, ask a friend for a referral.

Taking a homeopathic or holistic approach to treating your Tinnitus with therapies like these may be one of the best options available right now. Natural tinnitus treatments work well in treating disabling symptoms without causing harsh side effects like some, more traditional treatments may.

We recommend that you read up on tinnitus remedies so that you are informed when working with these holistic professionals, which helps you be more proactive in your healing.

Source by Kate E. Walker

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