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New for 2011 Starkey Oto Lens 100% Invisible Hearing Aids with the Best Technology. Now Available & Custom Fit at Metro Hearing Clinic! The first custom, totally invisible, fully digital and programmable hearing aids have been introduced by Starkey. If you have been waiting for a tiny, totally invisible hearing instrument, you wait is over.

  • 100% invisible digital technology
  • Hidden in your ear canal
  • Easy to remove for better ear health
  • Eliminates whistling & buzzing
  • Natural sound quality, digital technology
  • Custom designed & fit for your ear by our audiologists
  • Works great on the phone with automatic adjustments
  • Remote control for adjusting volume & settings
  •  From Toronto’s trusted audiologists since 1983

The new Starkey Oto Lens hearing aids are available. To see if they are right for your hearing loss give us a call and schedule your no obligation appointment.

If you would like more information about Starkey Oto Lens and screenings or fittings, please contact us.

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