Do you have a high pitched screeching sound in your head and ears? Do you feel sometimes that you are going to lose your mind? Do you ever get dizzy?

Tinnitus and vertigo seem to go hand in hand. For years I had a low hum in my right ear. About five years ago that low hum went into what I call high gear.

Most people describe it as ringing in your ears but that is not what I call it. I call it a high pitched screeching sound that goes up and down in scale. This high pitched screeching never stops and can be heard when it is quiet.

Sleeping is always a game trying to sleep while listening to the high pitched screeching in your head. It can literally drive you insane.

Listening to music all night can help you relax and the high pitched screeching won’t be so annoying.

What I don’t get is when you try to explain it to a doctor, they don’t get it. It’s not broken or bleeding and they can’t see it so; therefore, it isn’t a big deal.


(1) It makes me feel nervous and stressed.

(2) It can cause anxiety attacks.

(3) Medication causes the shrieking to go ballistic and off the charts.

I had a doctor tell me that only certain medications can cause the ringing in my ears to escalate. He wasn’t in my body. How does he know what sets it off.

After the high pitch escalated I started to have dizzy spells. I was plugged into the Vestibular Clinic at the Balboa Naval Hospital. They did a through examination. I had an MRI of my brain to rule out any brain problems.

I was hooked up to an electronic machine that spun and twisted my body every which way and in the end made me very dizzy.

The diagnosis was my right eye and right ear have sensors and they were not working together.


(1) Hand and eye exercises – designed just for my problem.

(2) A quick ten minute walk everyday.

(3) Swimming.

I was told swimming was the best exercise I could do. It worked. I started walking at lunch everyday. I started swimming at my local swimming pool. THE EXERCISES WORKED.

I really stuck to this regiment for months. Now when I walk I walk slower but I still love to swim and still do.

The tinnitus in my ear is still there. I’m afraid it will never go away. I have learned to live with it.

I hope this never happens to you. I can’t think of anything worse than listening to this every second of your waking hours.

There is NERVE damage in the inner ear which causes the noise. It is hard to hear when you are in a noisy crowd.


Now that I know what causes my dizziness/vertigo I can control it.

Example l: I went to the Dentist. You know how dentist’s love to adjust their fancy chairs. They like the convenience of having the patient’s head practically hitting the floor for their convenience.

I knew that if I let my head fall below my waist it would bring on a dizzy spell, maybe not now but in the middle of the night. I explained my dizziness problem to the Dentist; he complied by not lowering the chair for his convenience.

Example 2: I also know that strong chemicals can bring on a dizzy spell.

Example: Strong cleaning products and strong perfumes so I tried to stay away from these products.


I am afraid for the teenagers that attach I pod’s and other loud radios in their ears. This is potentially asking for tinnitus when they are older if they don’t lose their hearing altogether.


Yes, I know when you are young nothing can harm you. You are incapable of tinnitus or deafness. But have you been listening to the news lately. All you hear is warnings about teenagers and hearing loss from I pod’s and other loud music. The newscasters say, “If you find the correct ear piece to use with your I pod it might help this problem.”


(1) Head trauma

(2) Loud Music

(3) Loud Noise

(4) Stress

(5) Slow Blood Flow Throughout Your Body

I hope this complex issue of tinnitus and vertigo has somehow helped you if you or a loved one is suffering from this horrible condition. I was lucky to find an answer to my dizziness but many people never do. I heard there are hundreds of reasons for dizziness and some are never found.

Please feel free to check out my other articles. I was lucky I had medical insurance when I was first confronted with this problem. If you do not have any medical insurance my heart goes out to you.


Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler

Source by Linda Meckler

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